WHY The fuck would she strip for a girl shot in the face by the Taliban?! Lol. So good it hurts.

And why the hell does the Taliban care about what Madonna does?



Right now a few of you guys are on the ebola overdrive!

My #TBT is of #MariahCarey when I directed her spot for #NFL season opener. I’ve been quite blessed so far but seeing your videos on large screens at #RockefellerCenter is extra rad. #lambs #mimi #NYC #triumphant

The art of the “thank you note” is lost. We forget to take a minute and thank those that opened opportunities for us, and it takes minimal effort. So thank you @willjayim5 for this. It was really nice to receive and read. 👍 #im5band #willjay #heartlessvideo #gratitude

love this view! #BetterThanRunyon

Pretty much. Music is my everything.

Pretty much. Music is my everything.

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Joe Thomas by Walid Azami

This is the record cover for Joe’s new song, it’s one of my favorites from the entire photo shoot we had. I was deeply inspired by Marvin Gaye. I’m thankful for artists like JOE who understand & believe in classic imagery, and they don’t find it imperative to place a barely-dressed woman on the hood of a car for sales gain. Classic always wins, and Joe proved that with a #1 album in America. No pinpointing of anyone, just a general trend in this industry. I’m thankful I’ve found clients who feel the same way about victimizing others for record sales. Seriously, I’m lucky as fuck to find people I respect who want to work with me. 

Who’s lucky as fuck?! Me! I’ve shot both them ladies.

FAVORITE THINGS: sitting on this rooftop with feet dangling (on rare brave nights) and writing for photo or video shoots. It’s surprisingly quiet this far up, this late at night☺️. #DTLA #city #LA #INSPIRATION #emptystreets #cityhall #skyline